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"Today, class we'll be getting along to the photosynthetic systems inside a chloroplast," the teacher announced just as class began. The room was a normal size classroom. It had the usual rectangular shape, but with only about 20 teens per class. The walls were painted a whitish tint while the ceiling matched up with the walls. There were windows on the left side of the room. They let the early morning sun shine in upon class. Behind the blinds were shadows that sprung out over a few rows. The lights really didn't play much of a part, since the sun was so strong. There were five rows, with about four or three students per. The school had no set dress code. But the students followed a particular unwritten rule amongst themselves.

The teacher continued. She turned her back to the class to write a few things on the board. As she did so someone entered in the room quietly. He quickly snuck into the back of the closest row to the door and sat down in a empty seat. The teacher looked over at the door then to the back.

"Excuse me, who are you?" she asked in a trying to be polite manner.

The student looked up at her. He didn't know what to say, everyone basically had turned back to look at this new student. He wore a black windbreaker with white stripes and had a dark blue, almost black bookbag.

He answered in a unsure manner, "Uh, I'm Peter Lowiaski," he struggled to find words, his hair parted down the center hung out onto the sides of his face. "I'm the new student."

He kept going pointing to the desk, "They said that this was the class I was suposed to report to."He finished with a questioned look on his face.

"Oh Peter!" The teacher responded as if she had been expecting him. She walked over to a desk.

"This one's your's. Get a little lost in the halls out there." She asked trying to relax the student.

"Uh, yeah." He responded while trying to end the conversation. He stood up and moved to his new seat. He was new to this town. The town was like a paradise. Located inside a valley, it always had the sun beam down onto it's shinny green grass, it always had the fresh air that flurished out west, and most of all it was a smaller sized town. He was just getting used to the ways. His family moved from Denver out to here. The school was two floored. And as was the rest of the town, it was filled with the most reflective leaves in the area.

DDRRNNGG!! The bell rang. School was out. The doors busted open with student's leaving the eternal hell of seven hours. He started to walk down the front of the building. The sun beamed right down. The glare was amazing.

As he walked out, he got lost in the crowd. Screaming and disorder flurished. He looked about the crowd. A few other peers walked over to him. They started a conversation with him. He reconized these people. They were the people he sat with at lunch. They all started conversing. About four or five of them were standing around him.

"So Pete what do you think about this place?" One of them asked. When they talked they seemed to get an ahora about themselves. The sun stood to their back side. Except for one, she stood on the side of him.

He looked up at his friend and responded, "Well, I've seen better Josh."

The other kid looked at him with a sarcastic look. Then the black haired one on the far right corner yelled something out, "Yeah, Tina's got the hots for you Pete!!" He rambled in a joking manner. While she became blush and pushed him to the side. "Ooohhh look at this!!! Now what is this??"

She smiled back at him with an untrue look. Pete turned her way, "Oh really," he said in a emotion-filled way. He began to lean closer to her. They all spurted out a huge laugh. As they began to calm down he backed off.

The joking started to dim out. Then Josh, the one in the middle, came up and shoved Pete back.

"You gonna play hockey for with us man?" He asked in a demanding manner. "We've got the teams, all we need is one more player."

Pete looked up and then back down again. He drew a sad look on his face, "Sure what the hell, what are the rules?"

Josh gave a slight chuckle and grinned, "The rules? Well just don't kill anyone and you should be fine.

Remember, who ever has the puck gets taken out!!" He stated in response to Pete's question.

Pete looked up and asked a second question, "Who's playin' and where?"

"Mike," he pointed to his right,"He's our goalie. Jeff," he pointed to his left, "He's our right wing. Then there's Jack, our strong defense. You'll get yo ass leveled in there. Mark, our other D bro. Maybe you've seen him. He's got somewhat of an attitude. So be careful. And ofcourse there's me, our center. See we need another wing."

"You in?" Josh answered as the wind started to kick up. It blew his black hair in his face forcing him to spread it apart.

Pete nodded. "I'm in."

Josh pulled Pete's shoulder in and grabbed his hand with a sportsman like shake. "Thanks man," Josh stated with a grin on his face, "Come to the Mount Ridge Park at 2:30 tommorrow. If you don't know where that is, just take a left at the first rode on your way out of here." He explained while pointing the way.

"That's ok , Yo I got it." He nodded while grinning out into the crowd. He gave a slow, now picture replay nod. They started to walk away from the school. On the way down Josh put his arm around Pete showing him his plan of taking the other team down, while Tina got in on the action as she started to tease the rest of them by putting her arm around Pete's back. They somehow walked out and off. The wind picked up again. But it was of no matter.

2:30 Saturday. A large crowd grew around the game, as if it was a school event. All of each person's friends stayed around watching it. They parked in off of the road somewhat. The game took place in a semi-narrow basketball court on the ground. It was wide enough to hold a few hockey games here. The players skated down the court and each team held the players to their own half. Some took shots others just skated around. Most of them wore blades, some sort of knee pads, some sort of elbow pads, some wore helmets others didn't and they each had a stick, some sticks looked like shit, others weren't. In through the crowd was a man. He stood there in black mixed in with the others. He wore a Colorado Rockies hat whith a black jacket and black pants. Only he wore a white shirt.

A fellow friend of both teams took the puck out to center court. Josh and his nemisis stared at each other giving each other the most intimidating looks they could ever witness. He reached his hand over the center circle. The puck jacknifed into the ground. The person who dropped the puck pulled back fast to get out of the way. But it wasn't fast enough. The other team won the face off. They took the puck up to the side with a pass to the left wing. The left wing dropped his shoulder and slammed into the person while lifting his shoulder back up. During this Pete saw a oppertunity to take him out. Pete skated over behind the person. Throughout all of the checking and the few begining seconds of the game, the crowd had already got into the match. They screamed out and roared when someone hit the ground.

Pete slammed his body into the other team's wing. The other player went flying back. He slipped and slid into a basketball pole. The crowd squinted back in the glimsp of pain they cought. Pete stood there going after the puck. Just then another player came up and rocketed the new boy into the dirt. The crowd was really getting into it now. Blood started dripping down off of the first victims mouth. He stared over at the new victim. He was laying on the ground in pain. He stood up and walked over to the new victim. He picked up his stick. With one fierce slam the stick went into his side. He screamed out in pain. The crowed changed their visions from the game to the fight.

The first victim started to scream things out, "Who the hell do you think you are!!!"

He kept slamming the stick into his side. All throughout this the crowd yelled out, trying to keep the fight going. Some were friends of the attacker, so they naturally rooted for the newboy's ass kickn'.

Josh saw this and so did the goalie. The goalie was equiped as a normal street hockey goalie. He left the net, even though the other team was about to score. He ran over and threw the first victim to the ground. Before anyone knew it a huge fight broke out in the middle of the park. The man watched and began to laugh at what was going on. The scene had become barbaric.

The sun rose two days from then. Pete felt horrible, and so did everyone else who survived that fight. A pain that couldn't be described. That week in class the school had been divided. One fight had caused so much trouble.

Pete reentered school. As Pete was on his way to his locker, Josh pulled him to the side.

"Hey, man," he said with a few bruises over his left eye and about twenty other scrape ups on his arm, "don't worry about it. If he wants to start shit, just kick his ass. He's a pussy."

Pete responded sarcastically, "That's what he said, too." And they both split as Pete found his locker. His face was pretty well torn up from the fight. He had a few areas that were semi-fleshy but nothing all too bad. Although it did put on a bad sight.

Pete stood up against his locker trying to put in the combination. As he stood there a tall person, almost taller than him, walked down the hall. His whole right side of his face was torn up. As he passed Pete, he slammed him into his locker. Pete's face bounced back and up again, but he sustained quite a wake up call. Pete jumped right back up looking down the hall. He saw his nemisis's face in the far distance. As he took out what he need for that day, he was devising a plan to get back at him for what he did. Pete slammed his locker back closed. Now things were ready to roll.

The stage was set that lunch for something that would send everything in a downwardspiral. Pete sat there at lunch. Tina to his left, Mike to his upper left, Jeff infront of him and Josh to his right, not to forget a few other people, Sarah, who sat right next to Josh, and Nicole, who sat to the upper right. The table was one sad sight. It looked like they were all out in a battle and just returned home. One sad battle on that point. The sun shined down through the sunroof on the ceiling.

He walked in, Anthony Sissos. This was Pete's new enemy. He went over and got in line for some food with some of his friends. Pete stood up. Tina tried to force him to stay sitting but he didn't.

"Yo, Anthony!!!" He yelled out from a table a few tables over from the line. "Want a piece of me!! Comon!! Right NOW!!! COMON!!!!"

Anthony looked back at him with a slight laugh.

"Anthony you're a pussy!!! My grandmotha's got bigger balls than YOU!!!" He continued on. A few teachers were watching but they didn't care to interrupt. Anthony jumped out of line and dove over to that table. Josh slanted his body lower, trying to stay out of it. He had his arm around Sarah, and he really didn't feel like getting drug into this fight. Mike and Jeff rambled on, they tried to hype Pete up. Pete stood up. Anthony threw a punch. It hit Pete in the left side of the face. He retaliated with a few jabs to the side and a uppercut to his chin. Then another punch to Pete's side, a hit to his chest. They started going at it full force. The whole cafeteria watched the brawl in awe. They began getting silent. But just as it got interesting, with Pete flying back onto a different table, the teachers jumped right in and tried to stop it. Which took a while but they did. The end result was one teacher and a few other students getting injured.

sometime later

A man entered in. The man wore black pants with a white shirt. They both took a seat. A unanounced peace came about the room when he entered. They were both pretty well beaten up already but the bruises that resulted from this fight were much more evident.

He spoke, "Anthony, Anthony, Anthony," he stated while shaking his head, " You must learn to control yourself. You're free to go as long as nothing like this ever happens again."

He nodded and the principle let him walk out freely. Pete watched this in shock. He was amazed at how little trouble Anthony had got into. The principle looked at him, and Pete returned the gaze.

"Peter Lowiaski. There is alot newcomers like you need to learn about my town. First off, all of them are of me. And we are not too fond of outsiders. You have broken you're only string." He explained.

He gave a death stare into Pete's eyes, "On Tuesday night, after school." He took a breath and then continued, "You will be beaten. This is another lesson to show, that we won't put up with your kind around here."

Pete looked up at him like he was joking. He asked with a slight chuckle trying to see if he was serious, "Beating? You can't be serious? That's barbaric!"

The principle laughed, inside the dark room nothing, not even light flowed through. The room was totally squared off. A desk, a chair with a rockies hat on it, and a five pointed star panting behind hind him made up the environment of the room.

The principle continued, "Now you insult us. It is people like you who need to be taught a lesson." He finished and let his stare go. He walked back to his desk.

"Go, leave my office." He announced.

Pete stood up and walked out slowly. He was debating whether what he heard was true or not.

Later that day, it seemed like everything had turned against him. Josh, his new found friend, was now his enemy. Mike, Jeff and others wouldn't even talk to him. Over night he dug up his sheets thinking of the nightmare he now lived. He kept thinking, that this couldn't happen, it isn't real. Yet it was.

The sun was setting, exact time for a sacrafice. The darkness rose, while the light left. The thing that had been a constant now stood still. As they traveled down to the football field the carlrowled him into it as dogs carowled cattle. He ran for his life. The angry mob took every entrance and every exit of the field. He ran into the center of the field mad as hell. He was trapped. His heart beat rapidly. A sense of clostraphobia and instinct took over his body. The only thing he could see was the shadows that shared his space. He looked around. Screaming things that only he would here, the others seemed like they were programed to kill him. He looked at everyone. The whole school, every class of people attacking one defensless animal. He looked desperately for a way out. The field was set up with stands on both sides, and a track on the outside. Although a large fense did cover the field perimiters. The stands, the thought.

That was the way out. But he thought alittle too late. The time had came. They were armed with wood, bats, sticks,and everything else imaginable. And the crowd got to him. The first attacker slamed his bat into his back. Pete fell to the ground without any breath. A pound of pain just entered his body. He looked up in a dreamy state. Trying desperatly to survive the attack. WHAM!!! Again, he was hit!! He fell to the ground just as he was getting back up. Pain flurished inside of him. WHAM!! Again! WHAM!! WHAM!! His body was getting pounded around like a pionota. His back bounced from one side to another. His shin was shattered in one hit. The rest of him started becoming imune to the pain. He reached his hand up. One person had reached out to him. It was Tina. The crowd stood in awe for a few seconds. Then a voice was heard. It was the voice of a man. He watched from the booth.

"Kill her too, she has betrayed us!!" The voice yelled down upon his servents.

The crowd started attacking her. During the period of awe, Pete had a chance to escape the crowd through climbing the stands. He reached the top of the bleatchers before they restarted their attack. He took a last look back at them. He wondered why they weren't after him. He noticed something. The crowd had a new target.

Tina ducked out of the way the first few swings but she was tripped up. Josh stood over her. So did Nicole. She had tripped her. And he was about to slam a alumninum bat into her head but she put her hand up to block it. It slammed into her wrist. SCCRRKKT!! Her hand flew back in the most unatural of ways. She gave out screams. Desperate screams. Then another sound came. Pete had done the unthinkable. Jumped off of the bleachters. His leg was possibly broken but in desperate times, you find ways to live. The crowd had let go of Tina and switched back over to Pete. But by the time the crowd had reached the top of the bleatchers. They couldn't belive what they just witnessed. He had jumped. Some of them jumped down after him. But others flooded out through the sides. He ran as best as he could. Now the sun was totally down. No light was in the sky.

The parking lot only a few feet away now. Pete told himself he could do it. He was running at half his normal speed so each second he ran the crowd got closer by 5 feet. He was still up a good few on them though. Just enough to get in the car and close the door. He ran as fast as he could, behind him the mob grew louder as they enclosed on him. In one split second he made it to the car. He opened up the door. And quickly slammed it shut!! The crowd reached the car just as he tried to start it. The first person slammed the bat into the hood. And a few more bats went into the hood, but others went up to the window. One bat hit the windshield but it didn't totally break it. This hit left a bullet type mark. Some speared thier sticks and so on through the window at him. As they were doing this Pete desperately tried to start the car up. He couldn't, it wouldn't turn over. He had become panicky. His leg broken, blood dripping from almost every possible spot on his body and glass shoved into his face and arms from the broken window. He tried it one last time. They kept shoving their weapons in at his side. This pain grew greater. One hand reached in to try and unlock the door. Just then the car started. Just as he tried to go forward, a student grabbed onto his injured left shoulder. It already had glass in it. And when he grabbed into the arm he shoved the glass deeper into the muscle sending a numbing pain through the body. He drove forward but vered off to the left in lue to his injury. He kept going forward, trying to go right again. The more people who got in his way the more that were hit. They kept trying to keep pace with him but they couldn't. He sped down into the field. Josh stood there beating Tina down into the ground. He looked directly at Pete. Pete sped up some more. The offroad turf made it hard to keep control of the car but he was handeling it well. Pete showed no mercy and stared back into Josh's eyes. Just then he hit him head on at a speed of 60 miles an hour. THUMP!! He braked suddenly. His whole body flew forward. Josh layed there, a few feet back. He opened the passenger door as best as he could. She stood up but only with the help of the door.

Her hands glazed in blood, her hair reluctently covered her face from the grusem sight that now rose in the once young, spectacular look she had before. She limped into the car. Pete reached over and helped her pull herself in. Her leg was fractured to the point that it bent backwards. She screamed in pain each move she made. Pete let go of the wheel and pulled her in from her arms. Then with many brief seconds wasted they sped off onto the major road as fast as they could.

She sat there, as they went down the road, in emense pain. He looked over at her, knowing how she felt. They kept going. He had his foot flooring the car to it's max. Desperately they tried exiting the town and to find a hospital.

"Where's the nearest hospital?" He asked in great concentration as they flew down the road. He turned his head slightly to look over at her.

She slowly responded. She looked over to him while blood dripped from every area imaginable.

"Second Star." She stopped a second to replenish her voice. As she did this she took a greater grip on her wrist. "It's a few miles away."

He looked over with full attention. "Don't worry, We'll make it."

She layed back aching all over taking a strange trust in what he said. It seemed to keep playing over and over again. We'll Make it. We're almost there. We can do it. We'll make it. Don't worry.

Within 5 minutes they were almost there. They drove alittle back peddling but finally got on the right course. Pete noticed something. Pete looked out his center mirror. He saw the back windshield, what was left of it, and something else. Lights flashed. A siren rung. Pete began to decelerate. He slowed down as the cop sped by him and stopped. He couldn't handle it any longer. The pain had finally taken him in. As they sat there the officer came out of the car. Pete put his head back slowly. Tina layed back and had lost enough blood to loose conscisousness. He walked up to the window. He began talking.

"Ok son, you were going 105 in a 45 mile per hour area," he took a look in and gasped, "Oh my God!!" He said in a way that could only be described as if he had seen something that wasn't. In many ways the two bodies both looked like zombies.

The officer's face was filled with a shrieking look in relation with the two victims in the car. The officer ran back to his car and reached in. He called in for emergency medical help. What he descriped was only the tip of the sight. It truley was too horrific to describe.

Pete woke up. Inside the hospital he saw white. Then slowly other pictures started to appear. He thought, where am I? What happened? Why do I feel like this? He remembered something. Tina was in the car with him, they were running away from someone or something. Where was he now? And where is she?

He stood up off of the medical bed. As he stood up he encountered some resistence but not much. It was only pain. He moved his legs slowly down the bed. His one leg had a cast. A pair of crutches stood at his disposal. He put his arms over them and started to hoble out. He exited his room and went further down the hall. The hall had a white glare to it but had many rooms down it's squared off tubing. He went to a nearby room. He peaked in. He saw someone. Someone he knew. And Tina. Tina layed there in bed.

She looked up to the man. Throughout all the discriptions, he still couldn't match the face. "Sorry father." She stated to the man.

"It's ok, we all make mistakes." He responded while holding her hand. And the doctors injected her with a substance. Her head fell back and she was no more.

In that split second his memory came back to him. "NO!!!! Get away from her!!" Pete yelled out in confusion.

Unfortunetly the man cought a glimspe of him too. The man looked up in surprise. He slipped a short wisper to the doctor beside Tina's lifeless body, "I thought this memory surpresant worked?"

The doctor looked back at him with a confused look, "It should of, it worked on everyone else. I don't know what went wrong!!"

Two nurses grabbed hold of Pete's defensless body and drug him over to the man. He tried to resist but he couldn't. He didn't have enough strength. He looked into the man's eyes. They exchanged stares. One that felt a feeling of fullfilement and one that felt a feeling of hate.

The man looked down at him trying to be understanding. "Peter.." he stated in a reasonable voice, "Calm down... It's ok. You don't understand."

Pete broke the stares. "You!!!" He yelled erratically, "You tried to kill me!!!"

The man looked at him with a crazy look. Then nodded towards the doctor. The man spoke in silence.

"Peter..You don't understand. I'm your father."

"Time to go to sleep, Mr. Peter Lowiaski." The doctor stated as the vision started to flow out of him. He picked a glimpse of a doctor's arm out of the corner. But it was too late. A sharp pain was felt entering his left arm. And within seconds his visions were no more.

The doctor looked over to the man. The lighting stayed in the blurr it was.

"I had no other choice. He, too began to belive his dreams."

Our minds can make it seem like we exist in more than one reality. If this is so, then couldn't your darkest dreams evolve into your own personal universe.

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