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Closed Masks-

			Breaths out cold
  			   frozen     air
His body scarred from the battle in-
decision	     final call. No victors	                 no
losses.         Defend your flag, your country	       Defend-
your	      king, your queen.  Owe	    		     yourself
castle	     muerta.  Each second fell helplessly.   We 
lost.	     And he wasn’t there.				     A 
story	     of a man, a knight, a warrior-	    	 Tage
his 	     title.  Fought each battle-defending    against
Moors	     Rebels, and barbarians.  Only his       ACE-D
		     reputation salvaged his shame.
 		     DISCRACED-His family cried
		     their death.  No HONOR!!-
		     shouted cries from majestic
		     perches.	          	He
		     ran,			   fled 	
		     disbanded		    and
		     chased		         fear.
		      Cried...		         Cried...
		     Never			to
		      ever			see
		      any-			one
		      of 			only
		   MEANING	       AGAIN.

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