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Connection		-hit bass
	As once said...
		"I just can’t seem to figure it out"

What is the next path?
	What is the next path?
		What is the next path?

shout, screamed, raved this frog.
His small-green
flimsy legs
           sat still.

Moistness exploded
off his skin.
And he just sat.

-Watching his home,
this large swamp.
Drain of all nature posses,
Large tubes from those chosen masters-
	suck away his home.

Now the leaves and pads and branches 
-all turn that brown dry-

"Well it’s time to move on.
Find a new,
better residence.-
of warmth and comfort."

This sun is setting
Time to move-
he jumps, shoots, and expels
his tiny green machine
towards new found worlds.
	what would it all shake down to?

Maybe...just maybe		-hit bass

The white curtain fell
	in front of a sea of black light.

….Another page has been turned.

		Read on, now read on.

	All that you touch
	All that you see
	All that you taste
	All you feel
	All that you love
	All that you hate
	All you distrust
	All you save
	All that you give
	All that you deal
	All that you buy
	beg, borrow, or steal
	All you create
	All you destroy
	All that you do
	All that you say
	All that you eat
	everyone you meet
	All that you slight
	everyone you fight
	All that is now
	All that is gone
	Al that’s to come
	and everything under the sun is in tune
	but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

Italics: Pink Floyd (c) 1973 Eclipse

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