-1 Wonderhit
Hey, Hey
Nah, Nah
Hey, Hey
Nah, Nah
Turn your eyes into miracle drifts, Take those drifts into millions of selling rifts.
One hit wonder, Where are you I've lost your lame album.
And I asked my friend
I said....Hey, Hey
He said....Nah, Nah
And I checked the record store
I said...Hey, Hey
They said...Nah, Nah.
Deeply compelling. Each song takes me in. Leaped to new desire with minuscule bonds.
I continued a quest. Futile within these objects.
They called me They said....Hey, Hey
I said....Nah, Nah
Whooom!!! Hit-Pow!
Light broke loose... And I realized.
Truth the that is One hit wonders-
Really, they just suck.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John