Remember the Passionz
Enter My Heaven

"It's amazing,
Sex is always on my mind,
but lookin at you
reminds me of those purist of days
-That blind innocence called love,
which captured my heart."
-Joseph John, Zotes of Nightshade

Universal ChainStar CastleInverted Shades
For a Summertime RhymeShadow Daze
The Grandest GameI Believe


A Tale of Jupiter ThrustFate's Direction
Twelves CycleAll is One...One is All
(It Falls) on Wintertime ExcursionsA Twisted Friendship Poem

It Starts

Nighttime Day DreamsBreaking Through
Tragedy FallsCatch Her Rainbow
Feminist Just Donít Get ThisMaria's Light

For the Girls

The Best is Still Yet Ahead
The 1st God Chronicles
Dusk's Dawn, the Resurrection of Those Fallen Stars
Semi-Conducted Orchestra of Envy..Lust..And Bodily Fluids


Let the Party Begin!!!
Psychic Dreamer
Deadman's Escalator

Entrance/Thy Crypt of Tales/Silver Fables/Thy/Aways

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