-All is One...One is All
Her globe be disfigured... Oblong and queer. Spiral spins of agony tear the rift. Twist, Move, And Complete... Follow the natives to the tribal center. Alone inside a canyon of 1000 echoes. One carries... Spins, Crosses, And escapes... The bubble collapses. All is lost. Memories, Dreams, And the forsaken Universe. Eyes of green great, Flashes of silver. Disks spin around searching for each other. Collide, Crash, And Devour... The curtain folds, Unveiling the light surrounding a infinite gaze.
Treat the Stars, As if they were stars.
Treat the Planets, As if they were planets.
Circles of dust disperse. Clouded areas arise, Giving birth to new life. Expansion, Explosion, And Creation. Pulling in, Pushing out. Terrible tale of 1 cycle. But remember... The clouds are divine inside, Yet outside we are all one.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John