-Duskís Dawn, the Resurrection of Those Fallen Stars
My hand matches light of stars, Tempting darkness of faithless desire. Hereís my brush, hereís my lead. Paint!! Paint!! Golden streaks of wavy lines. Paint!! Paint!! Blue, echoed blue inside circular visions. Paint!! Paint!! Grins of contour side each side.
Two souls divided each into one, But surely known fate dictates this not. Hands upon grip, take my lead.(as in pencil) (leadership meaning)Lead!! Lead!! Reverse your pains. Lead!! Lead!! Guide glassy window eyes. Lead!! Lead!! Know my mistress never to tease, For the bite is instilled.
To be with you- Feel the emotion of GLU. Colorís lightest widths of my fair vision, Wave continually of the most annoying things. Height, though no bendage required. Your spot among drifting clouds has yet not to expire. For the stroke of the brush, be it a painterís weapon. The insistent tap of lead, unveils my lasting ecstasy.
With you the dreams of desire believe- an indestructible faith built inside- this religion called- us...

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John