-The Infinite Glow of the Universe
A dazy night. Littered with a barrage of lights. Clear from horizon to horizon. Quietness penetrates the environment. Animals sleep, birds chirp. Alone in the brisk, moist air he stands. Looking, searching for his imagination. The dark sky echoes with the bright sound of countless, Low magnitudes. He wonders. Are we really it? Is that all to life? Then before his explorer eyes, He meets them. Made of a thousand lives. Made of a thousand fantasies. They show themselves inside an eerie glow. Before them a sense of peace. Quietness even amongst the mourning birds. The one, As she calls herself. Approaches. Then bows her cilicatedless head towards my carbon shell. I look at her. I examine her. Her head shaped in a strange, Yet intriguing form. Her body, Short. Yet even this intrigues me. What is it? I abruptly ask. Yes. She says. Yes.
The Next Morning
The sky woke up one morning. Shallow in thought, And naked in wisdom. I looked at it. It looked at me. Yes. It stated. Yes.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John