-the Good, the Bad, the Naughty
A tale of hunters, wonders, and villains, Here be my sword!!! Here be my shield!!! Here be my army!!! Here be my castle!!!
A tale of leaders, martyrs, and heroes, Here be my dagger!!! Here be my leather!!! Here be my body!!! Here be my intuition!!!
A tale of mistresses, lovers, and tempests, Here be my diviness!!! Here be my lust!!! Here be my chocolate!!! Here be my justice!!!
A tale that leads one in all, Into a world of infinite danger, Parades the hero, With each in arm, His lovers...
And so it began.. A fateful day. Clouds struck down the sun. A faint breeze filled my clothes.
"This be our day!!! To Live Means to Die!!! To Die Means to Live!!!" Two be the blessed number. For all things revolve around two. The army of evil glares forth.
One loner, One champion of the Gods is sent forth, "This be my day!!! To Fight!!! To Defend!!! To Horde off Evil!!!" Three be the gifted number. For all things revolve around three.
The tempest looks on. Her eyes red in passion. Her heart tainted in desire, "This be the day!!! To Entice, Arouse, and Control!!!" One be the lone number. Even with twenty eyes of love.
All clashing along the lines, A triple front. Where humanity lies in each corner, Dim eyes of sanity walk the path.
-Each person is born human. Three characteristics they cannot loose. Yet all different in body, in mind we mold the same.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John