-The Grandest Game
The dirt slowly dropped towards, brown painted leather. Inside it swallowed, devouring a white laced ball. The side retired... Recapping the lords of their game.
Spectating fans looked on anxiously, Their eyes filled with an unbreakable hope. Each man, grey in uniform... Began to siege the diamond. That smell blew its sovereign tastes back, Hotdogs, peanuts, and beer.
Now up, The fans cheered. Celebrating that chance of hope, That dream of the home team. At the plate, Gloved hands caressed smoothness of grip allocations.
Behind stood a shadow of the catcher, His grilled mask glared on. The flesh formed backstop began to crunch down while catching a gaze from the mound. To the left that orange stripe followed the, Young star hitter.
Swoosh!!! The wind tailed behind... Strike!!-shout from a dusty mist. The batter pulled himself out of the box- Looking down for the code. The overly optimistic catcher, Returned forward the ball.
Again-Swoosh!! Strike!!-a yell from a far again. The fanz now becoming nervous. Two spoke the strikes and score boards in unison. 1 more, bragged the visitors. Their time was hopefully soon to return.
But third times the charm!! Crrack!! The ball flew. Back!! Back!! Out in nowhere, A grey uniform appeared. He leaped cheetah form above the fence.
His brown glove reached... It reached... It reached... But it wasn't enough. "We won"- the crowd shouts in triumphant simile!! It's Outta Hear!!
Uncontained, the field lay crowded. For the dream has come true. In the old ball game.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John