Last of Kin: The Invasion of Kira
The darkness rose,
as the light fell.
The leaves drifted,
as the trees held.
The smoke expanded,
as the wood dissipated,
The bodies fled,
as the sky crashed down
Into the dark, winded, elongated void.
A shaded trap in you.
Thoughts of fate and curiosity,
Wonder about this void.
Lightning in the background sparks,
as the thunder rumbles,
Air convulses heavily,
as the dirt is levitated about.
A untamed flame melts outside of a circle.
All who are and were are dropped,
Firepits erupt,
as the ice melts.
Dangling from a far rope,
one hangs.
Only the flame is too rich.
As a bird without wings the one falls,
only to be caught by a stray bat.
Whisked away to his safe haven.
Salvaged from the darkness,
as the world behind them is destroyed.
The evil has lost this time,
as the good would win next time.

Last of Kin II: White Army
Sparkling darkness,
Overchilled stars.
The two drifted gently about,
Into a seemingly abnormal dimension.
Swaying with the winds,
The one turned back one last time.
Remembering the way it was,
And how it all left so easily.
Sudden Flashes of light,
Blasts of coolness rising from the ground.
All below stood a hustling city,
A noisy metropolis.
The one looked down curiously,
Never had the one seen images so amazing.
Sharply around mountains,
And briskly dropping towards land.
Both extended their sighs,
Yet the sky remained bright snow covered.
Pasted grass containing cold patches,
Captured the batís landing.
Both fell upon land,
The one arose.
Crowds flocked towards the one,
Strange creatures they were.
Only bats.
The Bats aligned sending a message,
The Oneís head shook.
But no force could refuse the Oneís mission,
As they nodded in unison.
Millions if not billions had called upon the One,
For La Final Guerra.

Last of Kin III: First Chapterís Final Page
The dark day had been set,
One side spanned an army,
Within a light brighter than light
Fortified and waiting.
The one stood in haste.
Glancing about the blackened jungle,
A fire arose torching their leader.

Hordes of armies fought,
Fire upon Light,
The harmonious battle initiated,
Death stenched the midnight air.
A stream of mixed blood began to flow,
The One stood.

Head to head with them who oppose.
One swift slice of the sword,
Upon a clatter brought upon,
By another clatter, screams,
Wails, and shouts-,
littered the now dead landscape.

She raised her arm rigidly,
Just enough to drive the stab.
Stab remaining blow inside the dark beastís breast.
Her royalty saved the light yet,
Deceived the dark.
And this last blow had too,
Finished the One.

Post War.

All throughout the war,
The forces bent upon annihilating others,
Forgot those who stood between,
And now, blood mixed-
They rise.

Chapter 2....

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All Works © 1998-1999 Joseph John