-Last of Kin: First Chapterís Final Page
The dark day had been set, One side spanned an army, Within a light brighter than light Fortified and waiting. The one stood in haste. Glancing about the blackened jungle, A fire arose torching their leader.
Hordes of armies fought, Fire upon Light, The harmonious battle initiated, Death stenched the midnight air. A stream of mixed blood began to flow, The One stood.
Head to head with them who oppose. One swift slice of the sword, Upon a clatter brought upon, By another clatter, screams, Wails, and shouts-, littered the now dead landscape.
She raised her arm rigidly, Just enough to drive the stab. Stab remaining blow inside the dark beastís breast. Her royalty saved the light yet, Deceived the dark. And this last blow had too, Finished the One.
Post War.
All throughout the war, The forces bent upon annihilating others, Forgot those who stood between, And now, blood mixed- They rise.
Chapter 2....

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