-Don't Leave the Shadow's Dancing
Back to the tavern, Walk I go. Step, Step, Step...
For It has been such a long time... And I need this feeling.
U have not visited me in ages, Welcome back friend. I hope you will find it a place to stay.
Iíve missed you, Now it is time- For you to stay, Lock yourself in. Be a lone emotion of me.
No more do I wish this, Overly harsh world upon anyone. I just wish you could stay. Hold my soul while I drift.
Finish off the loneliness, As alcohol would. Be that drug I will always have. Just donít drift away.
Not Again!! Not Again!!
So weary my mind grasps naked, unwitty truths. Only the soul hunted shall, perpetually speak.
I rub and smear and push and wipe this feeling, this taste that wonít forever leave my mouth.
A story only the lonely may tell, Read on and you should find. We all hide deep, ourselves, Within each other.
Not Again!! Not Again!!

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John