-So Far I've Come,
       So Easily I Reclaim the Fall
Again the line tolls, Too slow, Too far behind. The trigger is pulled, The target has moved.
Too far behind, Too slow.
Damn the hesitation, Damn it to hell along with my visions.
Too slow, Too far behind.
Donít try, Just donít. Everytime you will think this way, Destruction shall rule. Itís the native tale which young children never shall hear.
Clench the fist, grasp your fingers tightly. Time shall haunt you, and continue.
Too far behind. Too slow.
This is your weakness. Another fall, after fall, after fall. I know it aches, but I canít help.
My wound grows deeper each second. Damn, Each second cuts, Damn, Each second tears, Damn, Each second weakens my weakside and strengthens my toughness.
Damn... My despise... My despise... My despise...
Too slow Too far behind.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John