-St. Helen of Rock
Swish...the breeze fell softly Unto a young girl’s hair. Cloudless in all her glory She ran about over nulls of green. Feet clankering, Toe to toe matching. Silver blindness fell about Her yellow blond hair.
Roaring mesh sounds angrily Into the background. Darkened she jogged continued Down through the endless valley. Washing water, Molecules rushing head to head. Silver blindness fell about Her yellow blond hair.
Resilient droplets crash aimlessly Onto a rock. Soaked in innocence Her slide below a airless tunnel. Screeching Claws, Nails grinding rock to nail. Silver.
Silver. The mystical color. Shrouded within shades. Yet neither black or white.
Silver A charm, Opposite to the color. Yet neither worth or worthless.
Silver Following a path. To which fantasies kill. Yet neither cure or illness.
Flush...burning flew psychotically Unto a darkened background. Lifeless death holding no glory She sprayed upward. Flames melting, Skin decomposing skin of helpless entities. Silver darkness overshadowed Her perfect gold.
Crackling destruction furiously Into the sea. Helpless she drill began Upward in through crunchy mountains. Burning rock, Slivering, tinkering downward. Silver death forces forward. Her perfect gold.
Exploding fireballs fall decisively Onto life. Black in guilt She flew kamikaze. Liquefied acid, Droplets clasp molecules. Silver.
And Earth’s Rage Angered. And Human History Covered. And Silver....Silver...

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John