Still is the wind,
Child what you say?
Bring down the rain.
Itís a tale you never tell...
Clouds purged themselves.
Please sit down.
Terrorized and plagued by falsehoods.
Tell of your forbidden tale, tell yes?
Nature arises.
Now what is it young one?
Wash away every tear.
Hmm...So really injuries support,
Trees sprouted green.
Our inspirers draw on pain?
Drink, drink of only truth you know.
Yes, they permanently break and remember.
A dawn of orange crests horizon
We learn, I see, from our greatest enemy,
For now you too...see.
From this they never forget-
Exactly as I told you
Our Pains are
Our Greatest inspirations...

Our Pains are
Our Greatest inspirations...

Our Pains...
My Pains...

........Upon here I enter.
Good to all,
always end with glee-
Tell, young one, tell.

Your tastes of innocence,
to which only pussies glaze-
Tell, young one, tell.

Thoughts of fortune,
Dreams of adventure-
Tell, young one, tell.

Life of wastes,
supporting times eternal-
Tell, young one, tell.

Night of goblins and machines,
flooded peaceful days-
Tell, young one, tell.

Fading are the ages,
10, 11, 12-
Tell, young one, tell.

Now fix that innocence,
paste vixens upon it-
Tell, young one, tell.

Exploration of perfection,
inquisitted desires-
Tell, young one, tell.

Finding individuality,
crude attention getters-
Tell, young one, tell.

But love being our friend,
breaks out in unjust hate-
Tell, young one, tell.

Her-she was the one I told of.
His hair short, as a boy of his age.
His voice crackled, as a boy of his age.
His mind sharp, not as a boy of his age.

"She did break me-
And from her I write my pinnacle words. For she
my greatest pain is truly my greatest inspiration.
Never shall it be told-
Betrayal of thyself is of a taboo language."

-Destiny of my ways, I rest with you
And love may close its lustful gates.
Young One...

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All Works © 1998-1999 Joseph John