My life is changing.. As a settling disguise inside a masked demon.. My eyes are openning.. Whither those dark ages I see light now.. My teeth are decaying.. So they tell me good times only last but bad times survive.. My calfs are calming.. That sudden twitch of deadliness is extending.
Where to go.. Fall into the open pit we call depression.. Humanity is scum.. Kill all but us.. Live within my fantasy Bitch!! Where to go..
My life is changing.. As the earth spins herself a cosmic web.. My hair is frailing.. Turning to a pail gold.. My back is crying.. And to what should this occasion herald.. My foot is tired.. They too see an ending of the workhorse..
Where to go.. Dive into the lava with eyes open.. Hell calls.. Answer while justifying your actions.. Die that life you always lusted for!! Where to go..
My life is changing.. Day in day out a strange sense eminates.. My finger is aching.. Whacked images of faith shine down.. My shoulder spreads.. Hold high for all ends well.. My thigh rests.. By my side of destinyís control..
Where to go.. Accel into a powerful high.. Hear the cries from above.. Yes, it is possible.. Belive!! Where to go..
My life is changing.. And the truth is I see it.. My knee is cracking.. And the truth is I can do something.. My head holds high.. And the truth is now for the better.. My back.. She cries.. For every momentís end one must weep.
Iím changing.. And the truth is, I am scared.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John