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Forgotten Future

"Down!!" The whistling sound of a missile flew over head of them. Then within a few seconds the violent impact took out the side of a hill behind them. The ground shook in every way imaginable. The sky was gray and dusty. Clouds were everywhere. On the ground laid bodies, some dead some alive.

A man looked up checking to see if the area was clear. On his face was a mask, a bio-chemical mask designed to protect against gasses. It was transparent. He wore a camouflaged military uniform. On his right arm he wore a yellow band. He lifted up his gun and motioned.

"Ok, It's clear."

His officers followed him. There were two other military types and one scientist. The scientist wore a black uniform with a white band around his arm. He lifted up his gun and followed them.

They walked over a few broken trees and logs in the way. In front of them was a great burnt forest. It looked like nothing was alive. They walked through the rubble and mud. The mud stuck to their boots. This made it hard for them to be able to move about fast. As they crossed two enemy soldiers spotted them. The enemy wore the same colored uniform as the general infantry, but wore a red band around his arm. They had some what stretched out faces. Once they spotted the small convoy they gave a general yell over the war songs that were heard about.

"Shit!" The commander scampered, as he noticed they were spotted. They all started to run fast. Faster than deer across a pasture. They finally broke loose under light gun fire. One of the officers dropped back and ripped a grenade. He launched it out onto the battlefield.

BOOM!!! Went the grenade into the ground. Debrey flew up everywhere. The soldiers backed off for a second and tried to see through the screen.

Meanwhile the foursome ran into the open. The commander led them out to a certain area in the middle of the field.

"Ok, Doc. Key." The commander demanded. The scientist pulled out his key he had. He handed it to the commander. The commander cleared off a section of the grass. A shine came back up. The commander jammed the key into the ground. Twisted it and pulled the door open. He stood there noticing there were only 3 of them out in the open. He looked around.

As the door opened the scientist jumped down onto the ladder that ranged from the land level to the subterraining level. Once he got in he offered his hand to the officer that stood there. She accepted it and grasped onto the ladder. She looked up to the Commander.

"Sir, Comon!!" She yelled up to him.

He looked back at her and then spoke. "Jansen's dead." he stated plainly.

The colonel looked up in despair. She yelled up to him.

"Comon Sir, So Jansen's Dead!!! Save yourself!! Get in here!!" She yelled back up to him.

He looked back down and then noticed that there was a tank plowing through the forest. "Sorry Colonel, Save yourselves." He slammed the hatch down on them. Then with a slight jolt locked it.

The Colonel looked back up and began to scream irrationally. "Commander!! Commander!!! NO!!!"

Her scream was barely heard outside of the shelter but on the inside it was as if a someone just launched a cannon.

The scientist grabbed her leg trying to prevent her from unlocking the door.

She kicked him in the face once and broke free. She tried to open the hatch. She positioned herself between the sides of the tube and ladder. Then she heard it.

A huge bombshell. The vibration shook the whole area. It couldn't of been more than a few feet off target. But it was close enough to finish off the remnants of the commander.

Now it was just the 2 of them left.

She looked down and took her mask off. Her feelings began to take control of her as she began to weep slowly. The scientist looked up at her with his mask already off.

"Colonel Get DOWN HERE!!!! NOW!!!" He demanded as she slowly climbed down the ladder. He jumped down off the last rung onto the cement ground. His hand hit a black control that switched the lights. With a electrical sound the lights came on. It gave a dusty dark look through the tunnels. He walked over to the side of the tunnel waiting for the colonel to make it down the ladder.

The colonel slowly made it to the bottom. As she took her last step she felt a renewed feeling of her mission. A sudden courage came about her. Her head held high again.

"So, Phillips where is this secret device?" She asked as she started to leed the way through the tunnel. Her gun was pointed outward just incase there were any enemy intruders. The scientist got up and followed. He drew his gun aswell and covered the back.

"It's a while down the tunnels." He took a deep breath, and then looked further trying to make small talk, "It's amazing..These bombshelters have been here since the 40s and they still hold up!"

She shook her head as she dug further into the tunnel. She responded, "I guess so."

They both walked through the long hall. After about fifteen minutes the colonel became tired. She slowed down.

She opened her canteen. Took a sip of it. She still felt hot so she took off her jacket. Rolled it up and threw it on down the tunnel. She slowly dropped to the floor. The scientist looked at her and dropped his gun to the floor. He sat looking against her.

"So, Phillips what is this secret weapon that we need to find down here?" She asked and then paused as she took another drink of her canteen. "I mean...The United States Military is done, we are one of the last. What are we supposed to do, miraculously win the war!! Even if we did, our country is destroyed. My family is dead. What else is there to live for? The world has suffered enough."

He looked at her and nodded. He responded to her question, "You'll find out."

He stood back up and continued down the hall. She slowly got back up, picked up her gun and followed him. As they kept walking the scientist noticed the end of the tunnel. It was dark but you could see the reflection of the back wall from the light out here. There was a black box on the side of the tunnel. The scientist walked over to it. He pulled out his key. Placed it in the keyhole and twisted it. The door opened. He pushed up the switch and lights arose inside the room.

It was bright. The room was closed off and it had large computer in it with a device that had a glass floor and a glass top. It seemed like a portal of some sort. The Colonel jumped back in shock.

She bravely led the way. She dropped her gun at the entrance and looked around in amazement. The scientist walked in fast and looked at the computer. He entered the devices controls. He typed a few more things in on the keyboard to see what the status was. Meanwhile the Colonel walked over and cought a glimpse of what he was doing. She read the menu it was under, then the onscreen information.

She stepped back. She stated with a scared feeling, "No way.."she laughed for a second then started to talk again, "You got to be kidding me.." again she stopped, shook her head and screamed to a deafening tone. "You FUCKN' IDIOTS!!!"

The scientist stood up and laid his hands upon her shoulders. He began to explain.."Just listen to me Michelle!! We needed a way to win the war, we found it."

She retaliated, "You guys are dealing with something no one has ever tried!! You're playing God!"

She shook her head again..."Oh god this can't be happening!!"

The scientist began to gain an anger, "LISTEN MICHELLE!! We've been fighting this war for thirty years!! We aren't going to loose!!" He stopped to take a breath.

"-Jesus!! I thought those were only in science fiction!!" she interrupted. She looked over at him with a angry glare.

The scientist continued on with what he was saying, "Damnit Michelle SHUTTUP!! You know why you were put on this mission!! DON'T YOU?" He yelled in her face. Her sweat was making her secondary shirt begin to act like a towel. She looked up and shook her head signifying "no".

He continued, "The mission plan was to find this device and win the war by going back to when it started. The Commies have chased us away from Vietnam and into our own soil! We had everyone over seas so we weren't as well defended. Then Cuba enters the war!! And we already loose cities to nuclear warfare. And before we know it the whole world has broken out into thermonuclear war!! Paris, Madrid, Havana, Moscow, Washington, London ALL BOMBED!!!"

She looked up at him, " Thanks for the history review Tom but that doesn't describe-"

He cut her off right as she was about to retaliate again, "We also gained evidence that the Soviets already had discovered this technology."

She stopped in the middle of her sentence. She stood up and asked, "When? Where?" She took a breath and redirected her face at him,"How?"

"Remember in the beginning of the war, the Soviet rockets were the fastest. Romania to San Jose in less than a minute. They dominated that era for 20 some years." The scientist explained.

She nodded.

"Well, How do you think they got that technology?"

She listened. Her mouth flew open. She looked up and then to him. "Oh my God.." she gave a heisterical laugh, a crazy cry.

She slammed her body into the wall remembering the horros she's seen in her lifetime.

"See the question isn't where or how. It's when. So, we have been chosen to go back in time and save earth." He finished as he went back to the computer. He checked everything out to make sure it was go. A light flashed over top of the glass object. It was white. It gave out 5 second bursts of light.

The scientist then proceeded to arm the device. A charging sound came from the device as the glass began to reflect a blinding whiteness. The colonel put up her arm to block out the extreme light. The scientist looked down then looked into the light. He turned and looked at the colonel. He took a breath then began to speak.

"Michelle, It's time to go back and fix the future." He told her.

She looked at him as she picked up her gun. She asked curiously, "Tom, aren't you coming?"

She noticed him just sitting there. She walked over and pulled him up. She slammed him against the wall.

"Tom, you're coming." She stated blandly to him.

He looked down at her trying to think of some excuse. With a swift motion from his wrist, he broke away from her. The colonel's body flew back onto the chair.

"See Michelle, what if the Commi's came. They could get a hold of this and use it just as we would. I'm not going on this mission. I was only brought along because I'm the only one who knows how to use it." He told her with sweat running down his forehead.

She stood back up with a threatening face. She told him, "Tom, If I say you are, you are. I'm your commanding officer in a situation like this!! You got me into this, you're going to get me out!!"

She pulled his body over to the portal and threw him in. Then right before she left she pulled out a grenade. Looked at the world she was leaving behind. And ripped the pin out. Just before it exploded a sudden flash of light formed as she slashed into the wonderous dimensions of time and space.

Darkness to light, January 30, 1967

Lights flashed with blinding bolts as the two time travelers had made there way into the past of another reality hoping to overt the disaster of their own. The man laid there on the ground in pain, almost as if he couldn't breath. The colonel looked down at him with worry.

"Tom, you ok?" She asked as she looked around. It was still dark. She held her gun up high just in case anyone was to come along waiting for them.

He turned his head and looked up at her with bodiless eyes. He asked, "What day is it?"

She shrugged without knowing. She walked over, out of the deserted street to a local window. There were old fashion TVs in the shop window. She continued to search then a picture cought her attention.

"Tom!!, Get over here!" She looked in amazement at the TVs.

He slowly stood up and hobbled over to the window. He planted his body on the glass watching.

There was a picture of soldiers firing down upon buildings. Places in the background lit up on fire. Gunfire shot out all over the place on the TV.

Michelle turned her face and looked at him. "What day were we supposed to come back?"

He took a deep breath then slammed his back against the window. He looked at her with heavy breaths. He responded, "January 30, 1967, but this is America." He took another deep breath. "I thought I had calculated it out for Hanoi."

He hit his head back on the window, making a slam sound against the glass. "Well I guess we lost."

She looked at him. Anger built into her. Then she calmed down. Michelle asked calmly to the scientist, "What do you mean? We could get on a flight out to Hanoi right?"

He looked up at the night sky, noticing all the bright radiant stars he missed for too long. He began to slowly laugh.

"Look at the TV." He coughed out hard then continued as she watched the Television, "You know what that is?"

She shook her head and looked at him.

"No, I don't."

He laughed and again coughed. But this time his coughs got out of control. "It's...The.." He began to laugh and cough almost uncontrollably. The Colonel came over and held him up trying to do what ever she could to stop him from coughing.

He took another deep breath, "TET Offensive.." After saying that he grinned at her with a psychotic look.

She pulled out her gun and grinned back at him. Totally changing her show attitude.

He leaned there looking at her. His face changed to the countour of confusion, "Michelle what are you doing?"

She began to laugh at him this time, "Remember what you said about how they must of been fueled with weapons from the future?"

He nodded slowly while becoming more nervous.

"Well, You're right. The 'Commeis' are being fueled. But unfortunately the law of time is a complex one. And no matter what you do nature will have it's way."

She raised the gun to his face. He looked at her. He began to shake.

"It was you!! Damnit!!! It was you all the time!!" He yelled as he tried to get away from her.

She grinned watching him hobble away. She spoke out once more, "Tom We've met 6 times, and each time I've won. See the future is what I make it be."

She laughed once more with a horrific tale behind the laughter. "Tom Who do you think gave you you're little time machine?" She asked with a intimidating voice, "Oh that's right probably those little aliens.." She imitated while laughing so hard that she became out of control.

She raised the gun into his face again. He kept walking away, slowly since he couldn't run.

She asked, "Tom? A kiss goodbye?" Her automatic was still pointed at his face.

He turned around a brief second. He looked with regret into the flying bullets at his face. The gun went off violently taking bloody chunks out of his head. The first bullet penetrated as it pulled a chunk of the brain out to the side. Oose started to flow but not without the help of the second bullet. By the time they all reached him his face had become a bloody head laying on the ground. Oose and blood and every other bodily function now laid in one collected mix at what used to be his head.

She walked over and looked down at the lifeless body. She began to speak in the last words.

"You have been terminated via the Communist World Order, 2043. Goodday and good try."

Fate is said to be a truthful determination of what you are destined to be. If this is true, can we ever change our destined fate?


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