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And the Circle Goes Round

To all the Children whose lives have been destroyed by sexual abuse.

Staggering clouds welcomed the orange tint of the mourning sun. The sounds of cars and marching pedestrians polluted the outside. This town in a few short hours went from being dead to a bustling metropolis. Being a small town of mearly 1200 residents, the jobs laid elsewhere. To the east flocked the people, to Pittsburgh. It was a quiet town. The residents for the most part knew each other at least by face. Around the town stood towering mountains, hills, and sudden slopes.

It was barely seven in the mourning when the young kid decided to start his timeless adventure this summer day. Back when your eleven years of age everything seemed to travel a lot more smoothly. He had his day planned out weeks in advance. Around his awaking body, shot an adult.

"See ya Nave!!" His father yelled as he rushed out the door. He ran wearing his black suit and his traditional cup of coffee in his hand. He briskly, as having many years of experience, twisted the handle upon opening the door. The door slammed harshly against the pain.

Nave stood up looking around aimlessly. His father had left. The house was all to himself!! No one could tell him what to do, he was his own man. He started walking over to a bathroom that littered their single floor apartment. As he was strolling along he figured that he better put the day into order.

EERRNNKK!!! Screeched the door to the bathroom. Nave walked over to where the towels were kept. There he slowly reached down, picking up one in his grasp. He then walked back over to the shower. He reached in twisted the lever. The shower erupted in a furious rage. Water flushed out over the top with extreme anger, spreading it about a yard circumference. A squeak again as the door went shut. During his shower he slowly tried to figure out how he was going to waste this beautiful day. His friends, or Ďfriendsí, were hanging out down by the small shopping district. His Ďfriendsí were wasted druggies who took pride in all their addictions. He being the youngest, never really adapted with others totally. His Ďfriendsí spanned from 6th grade up to 8th. He figured since nothing was really going down today, why not. Being only 11 he understood society pretty well. His mother and father divorced when he was 5. He went and lived with his mother till she died two years later. Then he was thrown back to his father. But no matter how much someone believes that you can be raised by a single-sex parent, it just doesnít work for young children. As he has only masculine feelings, being thankful he wasnít in the flip position. He began hanging with the wrong crowd, not out of rebellion. Instead it reflected his harsh youth.

CRUSH..the shower shut off. He reached up with a new found sense of confidence to the appealing day, grappled his towel. Nave wrapped the towel around his body, drying himself off gradually. He stepped over to the mirror. It was fogged up pretty heavily. With the end of his towel he wiped a semi-clear streak across. It was bound to last only a few minutes, he didnít care though. Good enough for him to fix his hair and take care of himself.

A few minutes later, Nave drove his morning routine to a close. He walked with command toward his kitchen. Dressed in loose hanging pants and a oversized shirt, he ripped open the refrigerator. Cool air attacked his warm face. His arms journeyed in, reaching down to pick out something eatable. Down below the sparse food, laid packs upon packs of beer. Something that would become his future in the very near. Yes, he had experienced drinking. But only in small quantities. He never really drank so much as to become trashed. His hands grasped a left over eclair. Just as they flew in, they hurled out. SWAPP!! The door slammed back shut. He eyed it over. Food, it didnít overly matter what it was. As long as it was food. Within no time the piece of pastry was downed into the acids of his stomach.

Filling, he thought. Next objective was to place his blades on. He always left them sitting by the door. Always on to the direction behind the open door. That way he would always remember them before he left the house. Being in 5th grade, little things like this were essentially do or die laws. He ran without heart down to the door. Quickly he bent down. Reaching over unnaturally, he picked up the skates, opened the door, and pulled the door back with him. Standing in the grace of the shine off the sun, he dropped without ease. He sat down and reached his leg towards himself. First pulling his feet in. Then tying the blades. He pulled a hat out of his back pocket. Bent and flexible as it was never meant to be, he flopped it upon his small head.

Nave skated over to the elevator perpendicular to the door. In front of the door laid a stairwell, elevator, and a huge glass window. It rayed glared images of light, probably capable of being a beautiful piece of work, but never taken care of. Either way, Nave gave the least of two shits about it. All he cared about was hanging with his Ďfriendsí. Nave punched the ground level in on the elevator. The doors shut with the slow, clankering sound. Then a BING. Gravity slowly draws the boy down to the ground floor. But not without another memberís say. Before *1 someone on the level above it tags along. She was an older women. Always thinking bad on modern youths. Never realizing modern youths are their generationís opposite for a reason. She always thought that each generation was wrong, and hers were the only true ones. For she lived through The War and that was too good for anyone else.

Finally Nave thought right as the bing sound was made, signaling the destination. The doors lazily opened. Comon!!! Nave thought impatiently. Then light shined through again. Without hesitation he dipped his forward leg and powered himself by grandma. He flew out of the elevator heading towards the exit. The floor was nearly perfect for skating. Something he always wished to try. Maybe even having a hockey game inside here. But that was just a child dreaming. Full of untainted innocence. Guilty only upon otherís fault. Looking left and right fearful of oncoming traffic, he sped across the street. Down to the left after jumping the sidewalk. He was able to follow each and every bump on the way down. Reading it perfectly. Then a sharp turn to the right. Watch it!! Pedestrian!! He shouted in his mind. Veering abruptly out of the way, he continued placing one foot in place of the other. Skating in this town was a varied experience. Never knowing what kind of conditions to expect. Everything from out of place sidewalks to death defying hills. Right, left, right, left... he was on his way.

Being of a boy of 11 he often thought about girls. Wondering about what was truly under their skirts. Always achieving a gitty feeling of predesire. True he had seen everything already. Through any means he could find. But still, he craved all the curves and curvatures indented upon their heavenly bodies. Wanting nothing less but to be submerged upon them all. Of course he was still along way from feeling any real desire. But the appetite starts somewhere, sometime. And what seemed to do it for him could of been quite easily the moment when he caught one of his friends going down on a girl. This kid, now a ninth grader of the area high school, always looked out for Nave but never really had much sexual discretion. Heís always said, if they want to watch..let Ďem. Only Nave really didnít want to watch. He just fell into the situation, you could say. Anyway, enough with memories that he considered sick.

After reaching his destination without a problem, he looked around. Then spotted a blue hat that appeared out of the side of his eye. He rushed over to it. Trying to show off towards all the others. A group of them. The cancerous smell of smoke hazed over the air. They stood around wearing beaten up clothes, and loose rags called fashion. After a brisk showing off period Nave skated to a stop in the center.

One of the guys on the side reached out and extended himself towards the 11 year old, "Nave, Whatís up?" Echoes of that same phrase repeated themselves about the group. Nave responded by nodding his head and whispering out whatís up back at the group. The guy continued on.

"Here Nave try this shit!! Itís some good stuff!" He ordered into Naveís innocent face. All the others stood around watching what was going to happen. He took the joint from the guyís hand. Slowly placing it onto his lips. He began to smoke it as if he had smoked dozens of them before. No problem. The crowd stood in a silent amazement. Then one of the group broke out laughing. Another couldnít believe her eyes. A kid equivalent to a fifth grader. Smoking up? No way...

No Way...No Way...No Way...

Nave looked up at them with a brisk smile. His vision distorted towards his will. He continued till a point in which he couldnít possibly remember. Skating back home. Time to get home he thought. Itís time. His legs wobbled back up the hilly roads. A hard right. Dizziness consumes the boy. Now without the advantage of balance he drove, leg over leg up the hill. Again a hard turn. This time too late. The purple shot up into the sky, clouds now green. Gray images cleared off his smokescreen. Then she appeared. Not the liking type at all. She looked down at him. Her hair, red as satin. Her eyes, blue beyond belief. She looked down toward the ailing boy. There laid Nave, hopeless and defenseless. His woozy mind took her as a goddess. A goddess trying to save him from the evils that lay in his past. His image of her even followed a golden halo.

"You ok?" The woman asked. Standing outside of the blue shaded house. Her arms and legs seemed unusually long for a human. At least that is what he was noticing.

The eyes on this boy dilated to a unprecedented width. Looking up with a hardy grin, he stated,"-"

She quickly butted in, "No...No...It looks like you injured your arm." Noticing a unfound gash on the side of his arm. He perceived this to be a major injury placed upon him by the evil. A touch in the back forced a quick reflex look behind him. It was ok, it was only the goddessís hand.

She forcefully moved the ill boy. Drug him slowly into the holy house. She gently placed him upon one of the couches. His eyes widened even more, just realizing he was in her presence. In the background a heavy noise was heard. A slam.

What is that? Nave wondered in ecstasy. What is that?

He looked with his mouth hung open towards her. His hair shown upon a lack of hat. She looked back at him.

"What is your name?" She abruptly asked. Her eyes were staring right towards his.

He broke under pressure and bobbled out a response, "Nnnaaveuuhhh" His mind still blocked, leading him in the most indecisive direction.

"Ok Nava, It seems as though the only way I could heal this is if you stand up and come over to me." She stated taking full advantage of his less than bad situation. He looked dazy eyed towards her. Her vision blurred to a direction. He stood and walked slowly.

"How old are you?" She asked.

He thought for a few minutes. Forced out a few answers. "When I was 7 my mother died, I was 10...I guess that means Iím...Iím t-"

"Eleven?" She asked abruptly again. Just forcing her way into having the conversation to her dialect.

Naveís wasted face looked up then down on a brief nod. His grin still stood risen. He looked aimlessly in one direction.

She kneeled down next to him. "Eleven?...Wow big boy?" She stated. Then slowly, making sure he didnít notice right away, she slipped her hand inside his shirt. She pulled her arm back and up the body. Rubbing his back as if she was giving him a massage on the way up. She then stated, "Iíll have to take your shirt off to get to the injury."

He looked at her, with a face changing to queer. "Why?"

She easily responded by making up a story. "Well it seems Iíve seen some blood on the back of the shirt." She quickly rubbed some of the blood that had accumulated upon her hand, into a small, distinct spot on his shirt. Then with his help, the oversized shirt pulled off. He still saw her as some sort of goddess saving him from these evils. With that in view, he gave her more leeway.

"Wow your in more trouble than I first thought!" She exclaimed in a tainted horror. Her hand now reached down the crevasse of his backside. He stood there beginning to realize what was happening. Her hand now reached down to a place he never let anyone reach. His vision began to slowly clear into a gray glaze.

She took a deep breath and then stated as she pulled, "It looks like you have something wrong down here." His oversized, droopy pants fell. His mind began to regain a full perspective of things. Not obtaining a sex drive yet, he had no reason to tolerate anything of this level. Nave thought quickly. Without any second thoughts he pulled his naked body back from the witch. She looked at him, but quickly grasped his side buttox. He wasnít able to get away.

"Now thatís no way to be boy." And within a few seconds a punch jolted Nave down to the floor. He could feel the pain of his manhood throbbing in amazing terror. He struggled to pull back. She quickly grasp his one leg. And that would do it, as he swung his adjacent leg over. The bone of the knee knocked into her temple, rendering her attackless for a moment. He quickly jumped onto this. First off he shoved her back, and watched as her body folded backwards out. Then without any haste, he pulled up his pants. The tight belt made it possible for him to start running towards the door.

Out of no where she jumped out with a small hand gun. Nave stood there shaking. Wondering..What the hell is going on? What should I do? Run? Charge? What? He asked himself over and over again.

"Move and Iíll shoot!" She warned to the child. Nave stood, not a move, not anything. He just froze. She grinned evilly and uninvitingly towards the youth. Her sick mind filled out sick thoughts. She walked over to the boy. Her gun now pushed up against his head. Nave for the first time, began to feel real terror. His head shook in a pattern only fear could tremble.

"Ok, boy." She thought blindly. "Take your pants off!!" Her orders rung out, only without caution. She stared at him in a merciless anger. While he was pulling off his pants, her free hand reached down below her own belt and into her panties. A few of her long fingers extended into her womanhood and moved in a rhymatical pattern.

His pants were now down at his legs again. She continued to grin with the utmost evil. Right as she hit her own pleasure point, the boy gained a hint of heroism. He quickly shot his arm forward knocking the gun out of view of his head. She looked at him with eyes of pure hatred. Her hand rose back up. The two of them were struggling over the gun. Two arms facing it up in the air. But, again Nave began to give in. His shoulder turned out not to be as strong as her. But just as she thought she had him, he swung below her. Pulling the gun with him. In this he found a way to twist her around. She stood hunched over moving half of her body the opposite direction. Nave had found a quick way out. An escape. Only a few brief moments later he realized eye of the barrel was staring directly at him.

Shit He thought frantically. His first reaction was to shove the black pistol away, towards her leg. Soon at about this time, the witch had swung her twisted arms back out from underneath of her. She now grasp the gun back in her hands, facing outward.

Nave stood there defenseless. He realized that he had exhausted all of his options, with the exception being a jog to death. He turned around. Gun in hand, swinging below her belt though. Quickly without hesitation Nave reacted out of instinct. He quickly pushed the gun back up at her. Her arms began to counter him with overwhelming force. But finally the last shreds of his undignified masculinity pierced through. The gun smiled upon a new target.

BANG!!!! A few moments later Nave took off through the blooded trail. His mind horrified, and his future maturity destroyed. He had been maimed by the shot he bestowed upon his molester.

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