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2nd Age: Where the Blood Shines

2110Location: Earth Allies Cassini Plutarian Outpost(EACPO)

Prelude:Earth and Mars have broken out in a system wide war. A massive conspiracy inside Earth Allies regarding who's running the Presidency of formerly V.P. Cati Ramon, and his cabinet has been exposed. Earth and Mars both share in civil chaos. The perfect leadin for the next war, the new war. The War for the existance of Mankind

Crack!! A hard, gray metallic substance clanged into my softest of the softest flesh that lay upon my head. Quicker than light flashing, my eyes sparked themselves open. As I regained my diluted consciousness, a strange feeling around me had tingled my outer senses. Sounds began to track my way as a gradual red and gray mixed with white, began to paint my vision. The sound had a repetitive noise that I seemed familiar with. A red flashing light shocked the sky above me every 2 seconds, occurring at about the same time as the dreaded blood red shine of the lights shook and tortured my tired, weak eyes. A reflective shine slowly found its way, as it disappeared majestically behind the death black color of the planet rising in its place. The window was now totally black. As I began to remember everything, I relized something that hadn't dawned on my ill-fated mind yet. I am floating. Like a fish in the sea, my body laid sprawled in this scarthy semi-tube.

My face shook left and right violently. Upon my sites were images only hell could produce. A pinkish-red flubbery ball of soaked, clotted blood smashed into my face. I quickly kicked off from the harsh, ice cold metallic wall. This picture I saw wasn't the worst, but close, oh so very close. Through my blood soaked eyes, my comrade's body floated about the waterless sea filthy in blood stains and drenched in a dark, mutilated shape of a body. I lifted my head over the floating corpse. Scared with a nervousness of a unwielding proportion. The red, yellow, and gray they expressed out of my friend's floating flesh struck right into my weak, influenced filled mind. I quickly jolted my body. I began trying to see if I could swim my way down the tube. "What has happened?" I thought in confusion to my lost self.

"Kjaj!!" I beckoned down the silently staked tube. "Kjaj, Nisa's dead!! Kjaj!!"

Kjaj...Kjaj...the walls stalked as my echo traveled down the manmade death trap. Sounds began to return. Another echo this time. One that return carried the usual cranking and squeaking of the bolted beast.

I turned and crossed back to the room I just fled cowardly from. Brutally I shoved the decaying corpse out of my way. As I reached the end of my journey, I wiped his pieces of blood and sweat filled flesh onto my pants. I redirected myself to look at the somewhat burnt out control panel. I placed one hand onto the control panel and one onto the frozen wall. A brief feeling of a painful yet peaceful tingle shot through my body. It jerked my now burnt out, blackened hand off the control panel.

Again I tried. I grounded myself through using the wall, and with this I was able to access the outpost log. The screen was a tad bit fried, it was very hard to decipher. After a few never-ending seconds the log sort of appeared. I quickly breezed down to the very last computer dated entry. It read "02:00: Unidentified Metalloid Object- Situation: Hostile C.A.T.: EA Lieutenant Kjaj Kodimi." I looked up into the window for some sign of a clue. I saw it. Chills sped moistly down my body. It was some kilometers off. Yet it eyed right back. It eyed back with a look of superiority and dominance. Right as I relized that I had seen a object never before seen by a human, a strange sound began to emanate from behind me. A sound almost resembling slithering. I couldn't pin-point the exact location of the crawl, all I knew was that it was behind me. I quickly reached down for my weapon. My hands met nothing. It was not to be found. I slammed my freehand down upon the contrast panel. A red button lit up horrified with the punch. Slowly I began to loose control of myself, as I began to act out of fear. I was frightened towards the lack of understanding I had acquired.

"This is Commander Steven S. Coman. EACPO distress. Under attack. Enemy. Unknown. I repeat..." And my voice flowed out into the cold, dark galaxy. The slithering sound became more intense. A impetuous pulsation had developed. A thump. I don't know whether it was my bloody heart or an enemy still unknown to me. Unarmed and confused, I quenched my fists. A sharp sound along with a cold, alien touch greeted my right, smooth shoulder. I swiftly turned without looking at my enemy. I jolted back and forced the arm of the shrouded figure upon the gray metallic control panel.

First an explosion that flushed my body back. CRACK!!! My head hit the same bar that woke me up. Then without a chance to recuperate. A bright blue, white, and whiter than white met my blood scorned eyes. The glare wasn't the only thing to catch my disproportioned eyes. A face.

His face detached and floated along with the rest of his body onto the death ship. A feeling of internal sickness overcame my emotions. Twisted and stunned on my inside as I watched the tinted steam roll off of his wasted body. The body had belonged to my friend. My comrade, Kjaj.

"Kjaj." I softly pronounced as I spoke out into the nothingness, cold, exotic, tempting, sly eyes of the foreign ship that now laid a few more kilometers closer. This truly would be the last thing that my tortured eyes would ever have to bare. I took my head at a speed slower than possible. I took a final deep breath, and then with the my last words..."Only the toughest shall survive this time. I won't be one of them"..then placed my head upon the metal board where the inviting main cable laid.

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