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Pressure of Millions

I: Pressure of Millions

I look up to the sky. A flashing bolt of lightning crashes down beside my body. The fall of the grass blew the faint breeze ahead to me. And soon, without chance. My body. My soul. Who I am, what I am was lost.

A triumphant fear. I have seen this before. I have been tested before. Never have I been victorious. Never have I seen the light. I fight hard, but still remain the victim. I have been crushed and crashed like the tree that stands beside me.

I am lifting a thousand rocks. I am lifting a thousand boulders. And I am sinking. Sinking into the sand I spread around me. I have been crushed. I have been destroyed. This is truly the worst of times. As with everything, all good things must come to an end. The reign of joy has finally dissipated. It left in utter annihilation. The death and destruction that stood around me has finally hit me. Hit home. Back to my heart. I see my rainbow. Only it is too far.

I can not catch it. Only I wish to straighten things out, and end the surrounding chaos. The time has come, the unthinkable has happened. It is here. The particles and electrons I felt tingling my outer body had finally penetrated every bone, every blood cell in my body. I have now gone. The weight that I felt is too heavy. I could not lift it. It is over. And no one will ever know how bad it was. My soul is dead as it too couldnít find the rainbow of life after death. My fear that I never knew, but always thought about finished me off.

Part II: The Now

I look around. My body in horrific form. My skin melting down. Bleached bones creep out from the shellís diminish. My flesh begins to mush, grind, and uplift from me. Blood and entrails flowing fluently around me. The smell of melting flesh and the sound of the demons surround me. Smoke follows. It is over. I am lost forever. I have seen hell and my hell is what I have made it. It is over. Eternal damnation for one who didnít intentionally do wrong. It is over.

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