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Tirals and Outcomes

"Repent!!" Screamed the lurker. I never knew what that meant, we never knew what that meant. Till now. Or was it then. Futurists told us of space flight and colonization. We truley have traveled space. And mastered the colonization. For the space was never out there to begin with. It was really the inside, as long as the inside is a reflection of the outside. Our world, or universe had become crowded though. Running out of valuable space.

A man stood outside of a forest, with the star-yielding sky overhead. Quiteness all around. I thought. I wondered. What did man dream about in those early days? Giant monsters, or forbiding intestellar operas? So, what. I relized. That is behind me.

Darkness drifted down upon us and somehow we never noticed. Fires roared from inside the darkness. Again somehow we never noticed. Light eminated more powerfully. Still, I did not recall a day without clouds. When? Where?

When? Where? Two questions I ask? For now I see my past. My trials, my pergertury. A white cross inflamed rises over the light. The darkness sent out its messangers to decieve while directly taking on the cross.

I look up then over. I see my family, my friends, my cousins. They sit there. Nothing. They don't notice it. I look back up. Now it seemed as if the darkness and light were building on opposite sides. A blacker than black color over took the left side, while a whiter than white color over took the right side. Then my attention strayed out onto the street. Looting and gunfire shouted out.

Still no reaction. It had started. The impending stop. And thus time shall be the judge.

A sharp slash of lightning flashed in the sky. It had started. The brightness had taken the upper hand. While it seemed as if the darkness had began to flank the overwhellming brightness. I stood in awe. Time stand still. Nothing, not even a breath was left out.

What was fed to me above was amazing. A specticle of abosolute beauty in the contrast of the darkness and light. Somewhere, somehow. I felt something between there. Maybe this was time? The movement between the ends. Like a ounce of pudding, the colors began spinning around each other. Smoothly, but harshly. Bolts strayed out from every direction. My mind. I relized, I had no control over. Something, someone ravished into my thoughts. For now I picture a lamb being sacraficed onto a table in the inpending light. All I see is what I can see, now. Not then of the past. Not there of the future. Everything continues as if it was meant to be. In this light I felt feelings come naturally. Peace, friendship, and love. I do not know how or why. All I see is all I see. But feel too? It was truley the end. The end of time. Or was it?

I look over the horizon. I see something. A oncoming flood of darkness. It infiltrated the light with no regrets. Speed like a gas compound entering your lungs. I now have gained a opposite response. I feel it. It's one of contempt, jelousy, and hate. It is over. Now done.

I made my decision. The trial is over. My mind has been lifted of a burden but placed under another one. The tree of burdens. With each step into darkness more and more branches come off the stem. But I am not lost. Just time is.

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