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Message from     Joseph John.....the Author

As time takes her toll many people wonder,
quarrel and enjoy the gifts of this overserious life.  
Time drains our happiness and love takes our souls.
These pages reflect faithless moments of all humanity.
To be human means to love, hate, embrace, discard,
forget, despise, forgive, resent, and to most of all
to taste each second.  For to be human means not only 
one life, but but what my hand has commanded me to 
sketch in this written form.

Me, myself am now on my way to my next level of 
schooling.  Being this little boy from the small
town of Schwenksville, PA, I shall be moving onto
one of the larger institutions above this grey horizon.  
 As I enter the college world I can only 
discard my past and reflect on my future.  What is 
done is finished.  Starting when I was 16, this 
cyclone of endless pursuit has filled my every 
waking thought.  Welcome to my Page...My World...
My Hell...My Nightshade...My Heaven...My Passions...
My Tease...My Faith...My Enjoyment...My Enduring soul.



		Welcome to my Underworld...
Joseph John