-The God Chronicles: In the Beginning
Thunder commanded by the Earth shook. Light flashed, animals quieted. A brisk breeze cleared the area. Atop a white mountain now he stood. His long black hair fell inside, A dark, linden cloth.. His arms shrouded within, Only a charm, an amulet laid exposed. His arm connected with a staff. A staff of power and wisdom. The sky blew by, It waved orangish-yellow stars. Below he followed, A path made of pebbles Along these outskirts of the lord mountain, A small town sat. A tavern lay centered against a forest. Inside the dark paths sat evil. Wonders in the night This was to be the site. The wondrous traveler entered a wooden... Brown tavern of infinite plots. As he went to rest his heavenly body, Others took pride torturing helpless few. The wanderer ordered his special drink. A drink of multiple mixes that only true, Perfect mages drank. The insistent torment continued. A pity invoking sight. A cat tossed forth helplessly, Surrounded by bitches of the night. Each with teeth extended outward fending for blood. "Leave her!" Thoust say "Who art thou? Thou be annoyance!" One of the three approached. Eyes red with carnage, Teeth pealed with desire, "You fend her?" Her hair melted back. The wanderer replied under watchful eyes, "Aye...defend this plebe" Quickly his arms reached down. His hands quickly unsheathed his silver sword, Jolted a chill up against her skin. "Thou challenge?" She inquisitly confirms. Whackssh!!! The sword slapped away. Her arm reached forth. Crushed and strengthened her hand grasped. His foreign body tumbled across floorboards. Tales of wonder, Tales of light, A spell of infinite protection cast out, Yet she shot it down. The spell set failed. Now she drew a golden dagger. It sliced a blood dripped hole, Circular it stung. Without regret he attacked again. Eagerly he cast out healing, Yet again it fell cursed back. Then suitingly he charged without fear. Her arms held high, Dagger laid hidden inside her extremity. Upon a fallen star she glorified her victory. Upon a fallen star... "Cast out, for you have no power...boy." Hence it All Began.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John