-The God Chronicles: 1st God Chronicles
Her eyes gazed out. Passion spoke. A warm touch Swimming inside infinite harmony. Clouds of thunder rolled by, Illustrating how valiantly her tongue fought. They both struggled towards infinity Oncoming a break proceeded. Rain poured into the water. These two angelic bodies seemingly, Unifiedly, drilled below water, Until the pool floor revealed its roof. Then he rose toward a breaking surface. Her eyes still greed-glowing. Legs began to wrap and trap him. For temperatures rose. Earlier, a summer day. Humidity struck. Passionate, warm rain fell. And now the coldness filled each surrounding. Thunder shook again. Dripping water showered. Her body began to cool. A breeze whispered. "See I love you, Only I can't." "You understand?" Her nearly untwistable feminine explanation. His eyes explained more than his Disunited face could prove. "Goodbye...my..." "My acquaintance." The storm changed forth. Violence and destruction Poured it's insistent taps. Flooding the canyon once called love. Hail slammed into the ground, Flying through the windows. Wind drug glass, Wood flew untamed. This would become their parting. This would be the last time, The last time these two ever shared, Experienced a taste of one with each other.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John