-The Best is Still Yet Ahead
Lengthen the time, Lengthen the torture, Lengthen the tease,
Lengthen the points, Lengthen the spectrum, Lengthen the daze.
And when I forget about it, My mouth will still be fresh. It will still be enchanted.
Enchanted with those gifts and tastes. My eyes won't forget, Especially from where these arrive.
Lengthen my pleasure, Lengthen my rest Lengthen my desire!
Lengthen my wisdom, Lengthen my fate, Lengthen my stamina.
And when I remember it, All thoughts will please. They will be good, a regretful goodness.
A goodness so great bearing love no matter hate. And yet my eyes won't forget, Especially this origin.
I tell you this, the waiting... That's easily the hardest.
But no master ever rose, especially from impulse. For the best may still lie ahead.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John