-Maria's Light
I see... You touched me.
Pushed, Invaded, and raped my perishable mind.
Waves emanate from you with that tasteless-yearnful passion.
It floods the sky as the moon would outside, those bright nights.
Under control of othermind I am trapped.
No matter how hard I try, How hard I fight, You are still there.
God never invented filters enough to provide desiring protection of those poison ---taunted soul tracers which haunt within me overemanated from you.
Oh in this act. Everything I do is futile... Everything I think is futile...
For you have divided my penetrable soul and caught my yearnings. For I am yours, under your CONTROL forever and ever...
You've brought me down. to where man's weakness has million timez been exposed.
Woman, you are the Master of the Psychi.
Please... Oh Please... Please... Oh Please... DON'T RELEASE ME!!
For I have been persuaded- -I am content

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John