-Nighttime Day Dreams
Clouds of nebulas float... Dark beasts of control dominate... It begins...It begins...
Tower once built, both grey and strong. Constructed by the Gods, both old and masterful.
Light of millions of galaxies crash... Yet natives still ask how?
Life once evident, not only warm blooded but naive. Only the Gods did amend this, not only dishonest but betrayers.
It begins...It begins...
How wonderful a dream. A dream of how wonderful, Night skies flooded by overluminance. View the shaded moon from afar, Distant and cold? Then jump into your heart... Once I woke up only to dream.
To dream, once I woke up... a hidden dragon pasted before my princess. Till the point of death I stood. Bit!! Bite!! Ripped!! Again the day spoke...
Good Morning... Good Morning the man on the radio said.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John