-A Twisted Friendship Poem
Once in life, Crosses be the path. One person, One person, Hit upon each other.
Once in life, Direction needs no sympathy. One story, One story, Played out in soap operas.
Once in life, Fate doesn’t justify. One loss, One loss, Desired for dissension.
Once in life, Eyes catch a timeless glance. One gaze, One gaze, Fear reverts to fear.
Once in life, I saw you before. Looking through a twinkling star, Looking through a twinkling star, Good we saw.
Once in life, I see you again. Dazed in internal wisdom, Dazed in internal wisdom, Change falls upon us.
Once in life, We stood along side. I knew you, I knew you, For now our paths are leading away.
Once in life, You helped me. Once in life, You denied me. Once in life, We drift to opposite ends.
Once in life... Once in life... Crosses be the path.

In memory of long lost friends.

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All Works © 1998, 1999 Joseph John