Welcome to the Nightshade
Here Lays My Hell

"I am Life's Whore,
Life just keeps fucking me,
and fucking me,
and fucking me..."
-Joseph John, Zotes of Nightshade

NightshadeSandstormMidnight Running
Celebration of the BrokenLife
Trust is WorthlessMost Unreachable

Love-No More

For Here I Rest My HeartCursedShe Tore Me
EntropyTunnelMindless Blabber of a Drug Called Chat
Rested Souls of Unknown FleshSounds of Joy? Sounds of Hate?
Which Shall I Choose to Desecrate

Weaknesses That Never Die

So Far I've Come,
So Easily I Reclaim the Fall
Falling BoundariesDon't Leave the Shadows Dancing
Deep Dark Days of Hell's Fury, Inside the Depression of a Zombie's Walk

Fatal Fury Sets In

A Poem for Whom the Luck Will Never Toll
What I Think of My Generation
Rape of the Girl?

The Dark Plane of Infinite Width

(Tell) Young One, (Tell)

Entrance/Thy Crypt of Tales/Silver Fables/Thy/Aways

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