Jj Unleashed
The Fun Part of Town

"This is what it Should be about!!
Hate gets old,
And girls bring you down.
This is the funstuff right here,
Straight from that mindless ocean of abstractness."
-Joseph John, Zotes of Nightshade

The Manly MindMaturity
In That DreamWhen Time Lasts
St. Helen of RockValor


The God Chronicles: In the BeginningThe Infinite Glow of the Universe
The Overshadowed ShifterRebel Rising
NamezTwilight ZoneSerpent Dungeon
The Return of Unity Unpearled

Humanity's Lie

DenominationsNature Mother
the Good, the Bad, the NaughtyInjured Hawk
One NationUnequable Race

Trilogy For the Ages

Last of Kin: Invasion of Kira
Last of Kin II: White Army
Last of Kin III: First Chapter's, Final Page
.....In Closing

Edging Out Sanity

18 Years to Now, 18 Years Forever
Commercial Break
A "Different" Remix1 Wonderhit
Nature In CheckBird Massacre!!
On the Third Day
Night Tale of the Annual

Entrance/Thy Crypt of Tales/Silver Fables/Thy/Aways

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