Lyrical Slavery
Be Cool Like Me (-White Boyz Can't Rap-)
:Left Eye, Right Eye:
4 Unchanged Words of the 21st Century
Tribute: Pentagram
Cyomiside: True Tale of the Cyber Abused-Help Stop Computer Exploitation!!
Darlock’s Crusade Against Feminism
Turquoise Lightning; Futile Sheers
Sandy Jungle
Mr. Virtual Man
Black Capped Virus
Beast World
Universe’s Toy Dildo: The Poet
Biography of Warrior Machine
Chapter I: Closed
Farewell Fables, Ghosts, and Witches
I AM THE CYBER GENERATION-This is us...short, attentionless..bitchbandits of the Internet.

Cybozis: making up ALLof expression-
Fountainless flows where this
Internet has spewed.
Abstract, Strange, Crazy, Wierd. This is the NOW
Generation. THE CYBER GENERATION...Read on...READ on.
For to be to hate to be to love to be to destroy to be to create to be to be a God.
"And the day shall come when God's fear of humanity equivilates in total Annihilation" ----That upon us.

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Written above is mearly words. The reader is soley responsible for any actions or reactions taken, influenced, or misunderstanding which the reader holds responsibility for, from each poem written above. Caution...above may contain questionable material. Do not read if you are easily insulted or take offense to topics ranging from feminism to gays.