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I AM THE CYBER GENERATION-This is us...short, attentionless..bitchbandits of the Internet.

	Those days which inhabited,
between the moons
	revolutionized my eyes.

Those insistent...
	taps		clicks
seemingly evaded my logic and penetrated my heart.

	2		years
	I acted		I fought
	Self Promotion	Self Destruction

	taps		clicks

Those who stood beside me...
	one		family
	one		world
	one	cyber	universe

We 	lived		survived
	controlled	gave in over interaction

This new world we live,
		This new world we explore.
	Enthusiasm	disease
	binary		eyes

Information		overloaded
Sensations		deexplored
This is the new world...	The now world.
	Mind’s desire	Mind’s desire
	left eye		right eye	
	left eye		right eye
	taps		clicks
Welcome to the new age
		Welcome to us.

We are gods of this digital universe.
		We are the children.

Born in 81.		With both
	left eye		right eye

Now time’s granting us
		The rise of this nintendo generation.
	tap		click
	tap		click

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