Lyrical Slavery
Be Cool Like Me (-White Boyz Can't Rap-)
:Left Eye, Right Eye:
4 Unchanged Words of the 21st Century
Tribute: Pentagram
Cyomiside: True Tale of the Cyber Abused-Help Stop Computer Exploitation!!
Darlock’s Crusade Against Feminism
Turquoise Lightning; Futile Sheers
Sandy Jungle
Mr. Virtual Man
Black Capped Virus
Beast World
Universe’s Toy Dildo: The Poet
Biography of Warrior Machine
Chapter I: Closed
Farewell Fables, Ghosts, and Witches
I AM THE CYBER GENERATION-This is us...short, attentionless..bitchbandits of the Internet.

Dropping the dykes...
Drop them all.
Sweet sweet...sweet...sweet...
	Laugh at your righteousness.


There they sit. 
Plotting their despise of
all		manly mans of their minuscule female dominated circular void.

I say again...
My dusty-wrenched voice-Touch my swelling, roll of curled black 
		long 	hair.

I say it again....
My eyes green-gleaming over all you.

	My servants.
		My slaves.

Kill the Feminists.
		Kill!!, Kill them all!!!
Death shall haunt each and everyone one of the non-shadow warriors.
		Yes, let freedom ring!
		Let freedom Ring!
	-Here I turn, twist, and dance a jig for you.  I shake out my fears, solidify my truths.  And proclaim someone’s infinite words.-
Looking down I evangelized , "This is MY world!! NOT yours.  Serpent-sluts of the abyss, cast out your 
unwarrentedness. Here, here. Suck the depths of hell, impend upon your faith. And Please....Please....cast afar word to your
femin-GOD. She will cuddle your worthless bosoms.
" My Arms Spread Wide apart....My soldiers crossed underneath. And yet they returned empty handed. "Where is their blood, their rotting flesh!! Their hearts should be merged to the silver pointed end of your swords!! WHERE OH WHERE ARE THEY?!?!" And one small servant, his head dressed in blackness, infinite dark...not of skin but of character. His voice answered. "Lord? I am sorry....but you do not understand their version of sex----------------------------------------------------------And oh how we do now."

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