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Lie in her bed
  drifting dreams-
shallowly immerse
   the red faded day.

Sand parks in crevasses,
   God dims the sky.
Nighttime is here,
   It has arrived.

a far...from Afar
   Mother Earth
   Mother Earth
from Afar...a far.

"Guess I’ll just sit-
    -and talk.
	-and ramble
across zillions of miles"

       she thinks.
Nothing around,
        No one to do.

This desert rock
  breeds bitches and bastards
-red-red star
       So cute from afar.
Twinkling it’s opposite rays.

Gently she types
        -Mustn’t Rush-
time usually lasts
    cold, dark, stormy.

Only by Phobos’ light
      -astronomer’s gaze.
For solid it may be-
Her only undrawn road
       to the Mother land.

-The home land.

a far...from Afar.
     Red Mars
      Red Mars
from Afar...a far.

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