Lyrical Slavery
Be Cool Like Me (-White Boyz Can't Rap-)
:Left Eye, Right Eye:
4 Unchanged Words of the 21st Century
Tribute: Pentagram
Cyomiside: True Tale of the Cyber Abused-Help Stop Computer Exploitation!!
Darlock’s Crusade Against Feminism
Turquoise Lightning; Futile Sheers
Sandy Jungle
Mr. Virtual Man
Black Capped Virus
Beast World
Universe’s Toy Dildo: The Poet
Biography of Warrior Machine
Chapter I: Closed
Farewell Fables, Ghosts, and Witches
I AM THE CYBER GENERATION-This is us...short, attentionless..bitchbandits of the Internet.

Millions of pixels...dots intertwined.
Polygon gods of the court
Gradient shades of inverted colors.

Mixed sounds...dolbied emissions.
Imitated cheers and chants
Horns and buzzers fly amongst digital waves.

Emotions high...eye-drug sucks mind blind.
Anger and hate
Regret and Rejoicing.

		I am
	the modern video
        toy.  360 degrees rotation.  Millions and
           Millions of fans.  The cyber warrior.
Terr-	-izing streets, defending help-	-less
in-	-occence.  Crash each ball child-	-dreams
ove-	-r green walls over legends  Char-	-rge
lin-	-es of 300 lb. Lineman.
Board-	-ing opponents, breaking
walls.  I am your 
futuristic battle pack.
The systematic sports man.
I am the...

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