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Masked gray		flashes white
   off powered monitor yielding black coated-
	techno freak.
   Bass blaring early risers
the modern warrior enters.
Hair short, blond painted.
	Heartless, harbinger of where unheard
"evil" invested knowledge.

Clicks a thousand steps 2:30 in the mourning.
	Ageless warrior takes his journey.

Mages, knights, and kings rule the realm.  Hearts 
drawn of metallic images.  Overwhelmed within
a megalopolis of millions.  One mission, one 
journey.  That day the sun flew under the 
clouds in fear of the future.  These magi 
casted fortification.  Sheck! Vlah!  Dmm!!  Thunders
roared over each paper-manifested horizon.
Distance carries sound.  Sound carries nighttime 
tales of horror and shock.

	"The realm is collapsing!!
	  The realm is collapsing!!"
	Wisemen as cancer denounced,
	prophets as lords proclaimed.

Clashing of swords, words, and clicks.  Each within 
its native repetitiveness.  Thung!!  The wall is 
broken.  The knights now charge.  Attacking and searching.
Only the champions of destiny have impasse major roads
of only importance.  Where the gods only roam now
a brave intruder of the people, a liberator invades.
All the king’s knights-
	each soldier encloses on what was,
	before he stood.  Now nothing remains.

          The tethered hack again beats out all
	who wish to oppress,
		who wish to suppress.

How deranged double edge swords are,
	time is arriving,
		His age shall come.
Surge of a decade...the commercial hacker.
For truth is only an illusion,
	Within it’s eyes-
	The eyes of its beholder.

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